Sherry Tavegie
August 5, 1948 - January 21, 2020
Funeral Services for Sherry Tavegie, 71 year old Buffalo resident who passed away Tuesday morning at the Amie Holt Care ...
Gary W. Packard
October 2, 1946 - January 16, 2020
Funeral services for Gary Packard, 73 year old Johnson County resident who passed away Thursday afternoon at the Johnson...
Stephen Charles Bellock
October 1, 1956 - January 15, 2020
A celebration of the life of Steve Bellock, 63-year-old Buffalo resident who passed away suddenly Wednesday afternoon at...
Ted L. Sutherland
June 4, 1943 - January 14, 2020
A celebration of life for Ted Sutherland, 76-year-old Buffalo resident, who passed away suddenly Tuesday, at his home in...
John P. Arross, Sr.
February 23, 1939 - January 9, 2020
Funeral services for John Arross Sr., 80 year old Buffalo resident who passed away quietly early Thursday morning at his...
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