Funeral Services

Complete Funeral Service

Traditionally, the funeral will be a complete funeral service. Which typically includes a visitation period and the chance for family and friends to say their goodbyes, followed by services in the funeral home or the church of your choice. Following the services there is customarily a graveside service and committal of the remains. Caskets vary in price according to what they are constructed from. At Harness Funeral Home all of our caskets are quality and completely the same in function, some are just made out of more expensive material. Many cemeteries require that a minimum grave liner be used to encase the casket when earth buried. These minimum liners are constructed of fiberglass and poly plastic, some or galvanized steel but all are designed to support the weight of the earth to protect the remains and aid in maintaining the cemetery property. Vaults can also be constructed of concrete and are also designed to protect the gravesite.

Graveside Service

The graveside service can be another selection. This typically follows the time of visitation at the funeral home. The casketed remains would then be transferred to the cemetery where a graveside ceremony could take place followed by the burial. The choices of a graveside should be made with Wyoming weather in mind. Mid winter graveside services can be very challenging and unrewarding because of the cold.

Complete Cremation Service

Cremation as a choice of final disposition, from a services standpoint is really not much different than burial. Something has to be done with the remains and should the family be in total agreement, following the funeral the body can be cremated. This will facilitate a more simplified shipping to a cemetery out of town or the scattering of the remains in a chosen favorite spot. Cremation containers are constructed to look just like a casket but are made of very flammable materials and are completely suitable for the visitation period. Rental caskets are available but are typically more expensive that a cremation casket. The reason for this is that the entire inside of the rental casket must be reconstructed according to the law. Following the viewing, service or ceremony, and eventual cremation, the cremated remains can be buried, properly scattered, or returned to the family for safekeeping. Urns are used to hold the cremated remains. Urns can be constructed out of basic materials like cardboard or plastic, or constructed out of more protective materials like basic and semi-precious metals, ceramics, and woods.

Direct Cremation Service

Direct cremation is an option that is usually followed by a funeral services with an urn displayed with pictures of the deceased in the front of the funeral home or church chapel. We recommend that if you select an immediate cremation that you are allowed a time, if possible, to privately view the body as a family. If the viewing can be done in a matter of a few hours after the death then embalming will not be necessary. If there is to be a long delay (more than 8-12 hours) then embalming would be encouraged. State laws vary as to when embalming becomes required. Viewing of the deceased is a very important step in acknowledging that the death has occurred. Having some type of service or ceremony is also a key ingredient to a healthy recovery of a loss due to a death. If there is one good thing that the deceased can provide for his or her family, it is bringing them all together to celebrate a life and to realize how much they mean to each other.

Personalized Services

At Harness Funeral Home, we encourage families to create very personalized services. The music you choose can be very meaningful and having a video or slide presentation of the life of the deceased is very well received and an excellent way to share that life with the grandchildren of your children. Harness Funeral Home will make copies of all video or slide presentations for each family member for them to hand down to for posterity. It is important to acknowledge the life that has been lived and to offer to extended family, friends and the community a way in which to celebrate that life. By offering services and memorial features that are personal and special, a unique life can be remembered and honored in an individualized way that is comforting to the family and friends.

How Your Funeral Director Can Serve You

When a death occurs, there are a number of things that require attention simultaneously. Regardless of the day or hour, Harness Funeral Home is always prepared to respond to your needs quickly and competently. The funeral director's main role is to guide you through the process. The funeral is an important part of that process and is the vehicle that helps transport you through the first stages of grief.

Among the services funeral directors provide are:

  • Arranging or pre-arranging funeral plans with you and your family
  • Completing and filing the death certificate with the State Vital Records Bureau
  • Notification to the Social Security Administration
  • Securing necessary legal permits and death certificates
  • Cosmetic and Scientific Care and custody of the body
  • Coordinating all details with the clergy
  • Arranging the music you have selected and contacting musicians
  • Placing obituary and funeral notices in newspapers
  • Assisting in arranging for burial or cremation
  • Assisting in arrangements for cemetery space, grave opening and closing, flowers and monuments
  • Arranging transportation for you and the members of your family prior to, during, and after the funeral
  • Supervision of the funeral or memorial service
  • Creating a memorial book and memorial folders
  • All necessary arrangements for transportation, funeral service, and burial if the deceased is to be sent to a distant location

For more information about our professional services, please contact us by e-mail or call at 307-684-2251. We're here to help.